USING MEDIA FOR TEACHING ENGLISH: Use of Computers and the Internet in Schools in Europe 2006

ICT Equipment and Internet in Schools
Almost all German schools now use computers for teaching and have internet access. 63% use the internet via a broadband connection. With this figure Germany ranks at number 21 of the 27 countries participating in the survey. There is a large variation between school types: while only 54% of primary schools have a broadband internet connection, the penetration is highest among upper secondary schools, with 82%. There is also some variation with regard to broadband access between urban and rural areas: 70% of schools in densely populated areas have broadband access compared to 56% of schools in thinly populated areas. Also, vocational schools in particular are under-proportionally equipped with broadband access. Here, Germany finds itself only at rank 23.

70% of schools have a website, 58% offer e-mail to teachers, and 20% do so to pupils. 66% of German schools using computers for teaching use them in classrooms, with the highest percentage being achieved in primary schools (80%). Computers in the school library are more or less restricted to upper secondary schools.
22% of teachers in Germany still do not use computers in class. 49% state a lack of computers in their schools as an important barrier, a very high 48% of teachers not using ICT are not convinced of any benefits of using computers in class and 46% express the opinion that teachers lack the necessary skills to utilize computers in their teaching. Here we seem to have a problem in German schools since the figures on “lack of skills”, “no or unclear benefits in using ICT” and “lack of interest” are two to three times higher than the European average. It appears that action is urgently required in the area of motivation towards, and teacher training in, ICT use in German schools.

Source: Benchmarking Access and Use of ICT in European Schools 2006
Final Report from Head Teacher and Classroom Teacher Surveys in 27 European Countries

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