Texts can be written in decriptive, narrative or expository types, although longer texts can contain two or even three kinds of types.
The following text is an example of expository writing. One of the most common uses of exposition is giving directions or explaining a process. In this kind of writing the details, or steps, are given in chronological order. In the following paragraph the writer is explaining how to get into a canoe. His organization of details is chronological.

Raymond R. Camp in The Young Sportsman's Guide To Canoeing
An important technique to learn first is how to enter the canoe. This craft, with the stern resting on the shore, and the bow in the water, is in its most unstable position. The stern paddler first steadies the canoe. He places one foot on either side of the stern, pressing with his knees to hold it firmly. Then he grabs either gunwale (i.e. top edge of a canoe) with his hands, approximately eighteen inches forward. The bow paddler then steps to the center of the canoe just forward of the stern seat with one foot, then moves forward, bent at right angles from the waist. Sliding his hands forward on either gunwale, he moves to the bow seat. His hands do not leavethe gunwales until he is seated. He then sits immovable while the stern paddler places one foot into the canoe just forward of of his seat, grasps the gunwales, and thrusts the canoe gently out into the water with the other leg. With the canoe in motion he brings his other leg into the canoe. If this seems time-consuming and silly to you, watcch a pair of northwoods voyageurs who have spent their lives in a canoe. You will find that they follow this procedure automatically, not because the book says so, but because they have learned through experience that this is the easiest and safest method.

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