Examining texts: read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.

In the Western world being a vegetarian is usually a matter of choice. As a joke some vegetarians say that they eat vegetables not because of sympathy for animals but because they really hate plants. Some people are vegetarians because of their religious beliefs, but most people choose to become vegetarians because of their ideas about animals. The thought that a living, breathing, feeling creature has to be murdered just so that people can eat is too much for most vegetarians. They think that the killing of helpless animals is both unnecessary and unfair.

As the world's population increases and the world's energy supplies diminish, the production of meat for food is becorning unacceptably expensive and inefficient. A kilo of beef, for instance, is TEN TIMES more expensive to produce than a kilo of wheat. Meat production also uses up more energy than it produces. The most energy efficient meat farming gives an energy return of only 34.5 per cent whereas even the least energy efficient plant food gives a return of 328 per cent.

1. What kind of text is this?
2. Write down one fact and one opinion from this passage.
3. What methods are used to persuade in the first paragraph?
4. What methods are used to persuade in the second paragraph?
5. Identify one typographical feature used to add emphasis in this passage.

Possible answers:
1. Persuasive.
2. Facts - Some people are vegetarians for religious reasons. A kilo of beef costs ten times more than a kilo of wheat. Meat gives an energy return of 34.5 per cent. Plants give an energy return of 328 per cent.
Opinions - Most peopie choose to become vegetarians because of animals. Killing animals is unfair. Meat is unacceptably expensive.
3. Some humour and some emotive language.
4. Mostly facts and figures.
5. Capital letters for emphasis in the second paragraph.

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