Set up the street party, purchase the hat, arrange the day out in London, or alternatively, depending on one’s point of view, book the holiday to get away from it all — it’s Friday, April 29. (But NO German pupils, please. You have to go to school..-:) )

The Government has announced that the day Prince William marries Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey will be a public holiday, which means that the public will enjoy two four-day weekends in a row — Easter and the now extended early May Bank Holiday weekend.

Get in quick, and that means at a cost of only three days’ annual leave it will be possible to enjoy an eleven-day stretch off work. David Cameron said: “The wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion. We want to mark the day as one of national celebration. A public holiday will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day.”

St James’s Palace said that the cost of the wedding, apart from the security, would be met by the Royal Family in conjunction with Miss Middleton’s parents.

The couple are said by aides to be keen for the rest of the country to join in the celebrations, even if they do not want to be seen as unduly extravagant at a time of cutbacks. “Their view on it would be, ‘Let’s have a party!’” said a royal source.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Prince William’s private secretary, emphasised however: “All parties involved in the wedding, not least Prince William and Miss Middleton, want to ensure that a balance is struck between an enjoyable day and the current economic situation.” The Royal Family and the Middletons will pay for the normal wedding costs, including the church service, the music, flowers, reception and honeymoon, he said.

The couple always wanted a spring wedding, and chose a Friday because if there was to be a public holiday it could be tacked on to the weekend, said royal sources.

“We know that the world will be watching on April 29,” he (i.e. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Prince William’s private secretary) added, “and the couple are very very keen indeed that the spectacle should be a classic example of what Britain does best.” William has requested that as far as possible members of the Armed Forces involved in the wedding should be drawn from those already on ceremonial duties to ensure that personnel are not taken off operations or training.

Source: TimesOnline Nov. 24, 2010

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