When you plan a trip to an English speaking country, don't forget to make
yourself familiar with the vocabulary for asking directions:

Here you'll find some situations which you would possibly face:
Looking for an information office/bureau
Peter wants to have a streetmap and some information about sights of the town.
Peter: Excuse me?
Man: Yeah?
Peter: I'm looking for an information office. Is there one nearby?
Man: Yeah, if you keep going straight ahead and take the second turning on the right...
Peter: OK....
Man: ...the information office is on your left.
Peter: Great. The second turning - where that red car is coming out?
Man: That's it. You can't miss it.
Try to find a garage/car repair
Peter has got the adress of a garage, but he can't find it. He goes to a newsagent's kiosk to get some help.
Peter: Hi, I'm trying to find a garage. It's supposed to be here somewhere.
Newsagent: Have you got the adress?
Peter: Yes, it's 2455 Hughes Ave
Newsagent: Well, this is Hughes Ave. Number 24... Oh, now I remember. There used to be a garage there. But they moved.
Peter: You don't know where they are now, do you?
Newsagent: Yeah, in Marysville Road, across the big gas station.
Getting help
Betty is looking for the library. A woman comes up to her.
Woman: You look a bit lost. Are you OK?
Betty: Well, I'm trying to find the library. I was told it was here.
Woman: Yeah, but they moved last week.
Betty: Oh, no wonder I can't find it!
Woman: It's in Beach Street now.
Betty: Beach Street?
Woman: It's only a five-minute walk from here. Can you see the fire station over there?
Betty: Yes
Woman: Well, it's behind that. You'd better hurry, though. I think they close at 4.30.
Getting the route
Susan is using a map to tell John how to get to her house.
Susan: Look at this big junction here. Make sure you get on I-10 West, not East - it's a little tricky.
John: West, OK.
Susan: Then follow the Interstate until you see signs for Yuma. The first Yuma exit, Exit 20, will put you onto this two-lane road here.
John: That's Route 40 North, isn't it?
Susan: Right. Now at the second light, turn left and keep going until you see Burger King. Make a right, and you'll be on Lincoln Road, Our house is right here.
Visiting a friend
Emma is giving Anne directions to her house on the phone.
Emma: OK, it's dead easy. Have you got a pen?
Anne: Yeah, fire away!
Emma: Right. When you come out of the station, go across the raod and into the park.
Anne: OK.
Emma: When you get to the other side of the park, you'll be standing in front of a big tower. And on the left of the tower, you'll see Maryville Street. Our house is No. 5688
Anne: Great. That sounds quite straightforward.
Emma: It is. It takes about 15 minutes from the station.

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