1. What is the correct and official name of the Native Canadians?
a. Nunavut
b. Eskimo
c. Inuit
d. Inuktikut

2. Who is the Canadian Head of State (similar to the 'Bundespräsident' in Germany)?
a. The Canadian President
b. There is no such person
c. The Canadian Prime Minister
d. The British Monarch

3. Which famous tower would you find in Toronto?
a. CIA Tower
b. CNN Tower
c. CN Tower
d. C&A Tower

4. Which one of the following four cities is not in the same time zone as the other three?
a. Toronto
b. Vancouver
c. Montreal
d. Quebec

5. What exactly is a skidoo?
a. a body tattoo after a long and successful skiing season
b. a famous non-alcoholic long-drink served in the discos of a skiing resort
c. a Mysterious dancing ritual, accompanied by Native Canadian music
d. a snow-mobile that can travel over snow and ice

6. Which one of the following lakes is completely within the U.S.A.?
a. Lake Erie
b. Lake Michigan
c. Lake Huron
d. Lake Superior

7. The Niagara Falls partly belongs to the U.S.A., the bigger part is the Canadian territory.
What is the Canadian part frequently called?
a. Goat Island Falls
b. Horseshoe Falls
c. Ontario Falls
d. Maple Leaf Falls

8. Which one of the following cities is not the capital of a Canadian province?
a. Toronto
b. Winnipeg
c. Ottawa
d. Quebec

9. Which one of these singers is not of Canadian origin?
a. Kurt Cobain
b. Celin Dion
c. Bryan Adams
d. Leonard Cohen

10. Which one of the following organizations has Canada never been a member of?
b. North American Free Trade Association
c. North American Committee on the Civil Use od Nuclear Energy
d. UNO

From: Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen 2004

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