Those of you who have participated in the 'Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen' are familiar with the following cloze tests:

Thanks to all of you who wrote in to us after the last issue.
We ha_____ been overw_____________ by a_______ your rep__________.
We rece__________ many requ_____________ to wr___________ book rev____________ and wo___________ like t______ print so__________ in is___________ No 3, s________ we wi____________ be i_________ touch wi_________ some o_________ you ve________ soon.
Mean__________ / Mean___________, a big thank you for letters.....keep writing. We've also had lots of letters about days out to your favourite places. Here's just one of the many letters we received.

Dear Trust Tracks,
My favourite place is the beautiful National Trust woods at Cliveden.
In sum__________ time i__________ is absol______________ marvellous t__________ stroll aro____________ the Japa______________ water gar______________, where y__________ can fe_____________ greedy gol________________ carp, r___________ over t_____________ st____________ bridge, st_____________ in t____________gazebo (wh_________ we ca_________ the par______________ house a_____________ there i_____________ such a painted bird on the ceiling), and have a lovely picnic by the lake.

Tim Vincent, TV presenter, tells us about his programme's visit to Osterley Park near London.
"...Walking thr__________ the gro___________, the fi___________ thing t_____/that hit m_______ was a gall_______________ horse f____________ the prog_______________!!! - The cr__________ were alr_______________ filming. S_____________ I too_____________ the oppor_____________ to exp__________________ the ho______________. Built i____________ the ea____________ 1570s a_______________ already alt_______________ just af______________ 1760, it is easy to see why the National Trust has worked to protect it.

Birthday party
Pupils from Heston Junior School in Middlesex met the Prince of Wales when they were all invited to celebrate the Trust's 100th birthday on 12 January.
Over 300 gue_____________ listened t____________ the he___________ to t____________ throne expla_________________ why h_____________ was deli______________ to b___________ their Cent________________ Patron, and h______________ his grandm_______________ had g__________ him inter_______________ in t______________ Trust b___________ always remin________________ about h____________ own invol_______________ in nat______________ conservation. Cha__________ also discussed the Trust's Guardianship scheme with the pupils.

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