How are you?
(Check after you have tried first)
I am well, thanks. I am feeling fine.
I am not up to the mark.
I am afraid I am seriously ill.
I am not very well.
What is wrong with you? What is the matter with you?
You suffer from undernourishment, indigestion, heart-disease.
You have a headache? Try an aspirin.
You have a sore throat.
You have a bad cold.
You must see a doctor, send for a doctor, consult a specialist.
How is your brother? He is doing quite well,
but is still confined to bed.
He died of a heart attack, cancer etc.

At a restaurant.
Good afternoon, gentlemen, what can I do for you?
Will you please pass me the menu?
Shall we dine a la carte?
How many courses are there?
Waiter, what do you recommend today?
I think, we shall have a snack, nothing much.
Which soup do you prefer, tomato soup, potato soup,
vegetable soup, or clear soup?
Which fish do you want, salmon or cod?
What meat would you like, veal, mutton, beef or pork?
Which do you like better, asparagus or cauliflower?
I would prefer some mixed salad, spinach, or mushrooms.
Waitress, what dessert can you recommend?
Ice-cream, cake, or apple-pie and cream.
What shall we drink, coffe, milk, hot chocolate, or tea
Will you have your coffe with the meal or after?
I'll have beer with my meal and a cup of coffee with the dessert.

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