countryside rural areas; I spent hiking in the countryside for one week.
nature the external world and everything in it. E.g. 'back to nature' or 'nature study' = study of plants and animals.
critic A critic (Kritiker) writes about the quality of a film.
review The film got good reviews (Kritiken).
moral concerned with principles of good and bad, right and wrong: eg. 'a moral question'.
morale a person's or group's mental or moral condition. Eg. 'keep up your morale by being optimistic.'
road between villages or towns
street within a village or town
finished I've just finished writing an essay.
ready I'm now ready to revise maths.
to feel good if you're happy (mental state)
to feel well if you've physically recovered, you feel well again
quiet It's very quiet here as there isn't any noise at all.
still Can't you sit still?
sensible Showing sound reason; it's not sensible (vernünftig) to drive without light when it's dark.
sensitive Easily affected by outside conditions; a mimosa is a sensitive (empfindlich) plant.
ago He finished studying two years ago (nachgestellt).
for He has been studying for 5 years (5 Jahre lang/seit 5 Jahren).
beside He was sitting beside (next to) his teacher
besides He likes doing sports besides (außer) playing tennis.
by You should finish your work by Christmas (bis spätestens).
until He had been working with the IT company until the end of last year (die ganze Zeit bis).
for (seit) (Zeitspanne) He has been away for 3 weeks (seit 3 Wochen).
since (seit) (Zeitpunkt) They have been working since I last Monday (seit letztem Montag). - 'since' can also been used as a conjunction meaning 'da, weil'.
from I got some money from my uncle.
of He took a photo of his father.
in time (rechtzeitig) Eventually we'll finish in time.
on time (pünktlich) The train arrived on time.
look after (sich kümmern um, aufpassen) The aupair girl looked after our children.
look for (suchen nach) He was looking for his key but couldn't find it.
veteran car an old car
oldtimer an old person
borrow (von jdm. ausleihen, borgen) I borrowed 3000 € from my bank because I want to buy a car.
lend (jdm. etwas leihen) The bank lent me that money.
In America 'loan' is more common than 'lend'.
bring Please, bring me my car key. It's on the desk. (zu einem bringen)
take Can you take me to the station in the evening? (von einem weg).
donate He donated (spenden) money to a charity.
spend He spent money (ausgeben) on a new fridge.
hear perceive a sound with the ear; eg. He heard a loud sound.
listen to (zuhören) He listened to music.
remember (sich erinnern) retain in one's mind; he couldn't remember the film we watched last year.
remind (jdn. an etwas erinnern) cause to remember; eg. remind me of giving you back the money.
loose (lose, locker) The chain is loose. It's come off my wrist.
lose (verlieren) I have lost my door key.
personal (persönlich) my personal life; a personal favour.
personnel (Personal) body of employees in a firm.
content (Gehalt) meaning or substance (Gehalt einer Geschichte).
contents (Inhalt) table of contents=Inhaltsverzeichnis
desert (Wüste) He crossed the desert without water to drink.
dessert (Nachspeise) There'll be no dessert after dinner today.
notable worthy of note; remarkable or distinguished. 'A notable example'.
noticeable clear, obvious. 'The noise is most noticeable at high speeds.'
less 'less' is the comparative of 'little'; it shows quantity; eg. less money, less courage etc.
fewer 'fewer' is the comparative of 'few'; it shows number; fewer books, fewer oranges. Exceptions: less troops, less supplies.
economical is applied to things that are somehow thrifty or saving; an economical car that uses less petrol.
economic has to do with the science of economics and with a country's economy: 'the country's economic interests' or 'economic crisis'.

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