The skilful use of connectives can help you improve your writing style.
Words that help you put your ideas in order firstly, then, so far, secondly, in the end, next, eventually, subsequently, at last, at length, afterwards
Words for exception only, if unless, except(for), save for
Words to use to argue and make points consequently, thus, so, as a result, because, as, hence, therefore, since, until, whenever, accordingly, as long as
Words to help you give examples for example, for instance, such as, take the case of, thus, as (evidence), to show that, as revealed by
Words for extra points or ideas and, too, what is more, also, furthermore, and then, again, moreover, as well as, in addition
Words which help you emphasise points above all, in particular, notably, specifically, indeed, more important, especially, significantly, in fact
Words to persuade of course, naturally, obviously, clearly, certainly, surely, evidently
Words to help you show an opinion or analyse it would seem, to suggest, one might conclude/deduce/infer/imply/say/consider
Words to make a contrast or show what is different but, nevertheless, alternatively, despite this, on the contrary, however, yet, the opposite, instead, whereas, to turn to, although, still, on the other hand
Words to compare things in your writing or show what is the same equally, in the same way, as with, likewise, similarly, compared with, an equivalent
Words to sum up or end with in brief, in summary, throughout, in all, on the whole, to sum up, overall, finally, to conclude, to recap, in the end

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