amazon.de The A-Z of Teen Talk
Lucy van Amerongen

Nang vocabulary:
If you don't happen to be under 20 and no English teenager, you wouldn't necessarily know what 'nang' means. 'nang' is teenage language and means 'cool, excellent, brilliant'.
13-year-old Lucy van Amerongen from Cheltenham Ladies' College has collected many more of such words and phrases and published it in a book called THE A-Z OF TEEN TALK.
Here is a small collection of mote teen talk:
bum 'enjoy' as in 'He bums his PS2.'
clappin out of date, clapped out
da bomb great, excellent
ends area or estate, as in 'What ends are you from?'
flat roofin' overworked, stressed
gratz thank you
hench tough boy, as in henchman
innit words that turns any sentence into a question
klingon younger child, particularly yout irritating brother or sister
ledge a legend, someone who is greatly admired
off the hook cool, appealing, fresh
phat really cool, great, awesome
phat-free uncool, rubbish, the opposite to 'phat'
shizzle someone you worship, as 'She is a real shiz'
tin-grin person who wears braces
uber very, totally
vanilla boring, dull
za abbreviation of 'pizza'. As in 'Let's grab a za before the movie'.
zep yob, underclass person
minging horrible
laters see you later
fudge* very stupid person
chav working classes
random, cringe embarrasment
cotch down sleep
rago OK
rent, mouldy parents
*The book defines 'fudge' as a stupid person, who achieved those grades at GCSE (F,U,D,G,E)."I ain't got no GCSEs and I ain't heard of fudge", a pupil said. "And if someone called me a fudge I'd give them a smack". ....

By the way, if you should go and visit England the next time, you might think twice if you use teenage slang or not. People might think there is something wrong with you....

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