Testing your Vocabulary

Number your paper 1-10. For the italicized word in each of the sentences, select the definition from the list below that is closest in meaning. Write its letter beside the proper number. When you have finished, check the meaning of any words you are not sure of in your dictionary. You will not need all of the definitions in the list.

a. warn gently
b. b. youthful
c. able to float
d. having little resistance to
e. trace
f. one who is too enthusiastic
g. expert
h. frighten
i. good-natured
j. burdensome
k. proverbial saying
l. repeat
m. showing good judgment
n. injury to repay injury

1 . The people threatened to revolt unless the king repealed the oppressive new tax.

2. Not a vestige of the old path remained to guide the explorers.

3. Life jackets are necessarily made from buoyant materials.

4. The State Police will reiterate their earlier warnings to motorists about to set out on holiday trips.

5. People in public life are expected to be discreet in both their private and public affairs.

6. Some people seem to be more susceptible to colds than others.

7. Jack is so amiable that people sometimes take advantage of him.

8. Mr. Collins, who never could remember an adage exactly, was fond of saying, "The early worm gets eaten."

9. The master of ceremonies occasionally had to admonish the children to stop eating the prizes.

10. The general of the occupying army threatened to make reprisals unless the townspeople cooperated with his men.

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