Increasing your Vocabulary

Follow these instructions for each of the ten sentences below.
(1) Write the italicized word after the proper number.
(2) After the word, write its part of speech in this sentence.
(3) Then write a synonym or a short definition.
Be sure that you give the appropriate meaning for words that have more than one definition.

EXAMPLE 1. Cross-country racing demands great stamina.
1. stamina, noun, endurance

1. Comedians who imitate well-known people have to be excellent mimics.

2. The barons wrested power from the tyrannical King John at Runnymede.

3. Many movie stars attended the premiere.

4. Despite the evidence against him, the defendant continued to aver his innocence.

5. There was a perceptible improvement in assembly attendance after the principal's short speech.

6. A winter of terrible hardship and constant rumors of the enemy's strength had demoralized the troops.

7. Although the general never rode horses when he could help it, he is the subject of many equestrian statues.

8. No one ever thought of offering him any but the most menial jobs.

9. A duel between the two warriors climaxed the action in the third scene.

10. There is little room for dissent under a dictatorship.

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