When writing a text analysis, you should mind the appropriate vocabulary concerning the 3 areas of:

1. comprehension/reproduction
2. applying knowledge
3. evaluation/comment writing

The following list offers suggestions:

1. Comprehension/reproduction
Proper word Definition Example
to describe to give a detailed account of sth. to describe the protagonist's outward appearance
to outline to give the essential features, structure, general priciples of a topic to outline the author's views on friendship, honour and morals
to state to specify clearly State in your own words the development of the main character's views on love
to present to structure, to write down to present the situation of the president
to point out to find and explain certain aspects to point out the author's views on..
to summarize,
write a summary
to give a concise account of the main ideas Summarize all the information concerning the dangers of nuclear plants

2. Applying knowledge
Proper word Definition Example
to analyse, to examine to describe and explain in detail aspects or features of the text Analyse the opposing views on genetic engeneering. Examine the author's view of the language
to characterize to describe and examine the way in which the characters are presented Characterize/ write a characterization of the main figures in the play.
to explain to describe and define in detail Explain the protagonist's attitude towards money.
to illustrate to use examples to explain or make clear Illustrate the author's use of figurative language.
to interpret to make clear the meaning of sth. Interpret the message the author wants to convey to the reader.
to compare to point out similarities and differences Compare the attitude of the two politicians towards globalisation
3. Evaluation/comment writing
Proper word Definition Example
to comment to state clearly your opinion on the topic in question and support your views with evidence Comment on the suggestion made in the text that a 'lack of women in the military demonstrates a weakness in the role of women in society'.
to discuss to investigate or examine by argument; give reasons for and against Discuss the implications of globalisation as presented in the text.
to justify to show adequate grounds for decisions or conclusions You are a headmaster of a school. Justify the decision to leave school premises during breaks.
to evaluate to form an opinion after carefully considering and presenting advantages and disadvantages Evaluate the author's view of the impact of television on young people
to contrast to emphasise the differences between two or more ideas Contrast the author's idea of human aggression with the theories of aggression you have read about.
to assess to consider in a balanced way the points for and against sth. Assess the importance of common values in society.

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