MICROSOFT 844-00163 ENCARTA REFERENCE SUITE 2001: three multimedia reference works (Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000, Encarta Interactice World Atlas and thhe new Encarta World English Dictionary) in one essential information collection. It combines comprehensive content and advanced technology to create an engaging educational experience on your PC (operating systems Windows 95 + 98 and Windows NT).

English For Business is a self-study course, consisting of 6 CD-Roms. They give an introduction to a company, practise management and organisation skills, teach you how to negotiate with businesspeople and make you familiar with international sales and marketing. The CD-Roms use authentic video sequences, cover more than 240 screens of interactive learning tasks and introduce you to real and authentic business English. You should, however, have a basic knowledge of English. Topics addressed range from marketing products, market research, currency issues, the role of advertising, working for multinational companies, to the task of a managing director and logistics. You will also revise your basic grammar and vocabulary.
You can buy each CD-Rom separate for DM 150,- or all six for DM 750,-. Click on picture to order.

Citizen of the World consists of a range of 4 CD-Roms and teaches you how to get along in the English speaking world. They help you ask for directions, order your meal in a restaurant, book a holiday, rent a car, fix a meeting, understand the weather forecast or administer job interviews. All this is done by interesting video scenes at differnt levels, authentic English and instant feedback on your learning progress. Grammar and vocab revision is taken for granted.
Buy one CD-Rom for DM 100, - or all four for DM 380,- by clicking on picture.

1. Oregon Trail IV New

The year is 1848. Experience the adventure of The Oregon Trail and stake your claim in the Old West. Survival hinges on the many crucial decisions you'll make. With a different outcome each time you play, there's no end to the fun to be had. Perhaps you are a farmer from New England, or a teacher from Alabama, or a freed slave from Virginia. No matter what your background, you are consumed with the prospect of an incredible opportunity: the chance to move West and start a new life. The world will probably never again see such a massive, voluntary migration. But for more than 25 years now, kids of all ages have used a marvelous computer program called The Oregon Trail to experience the adventures and dangers of this exciting period of American history. This new edition is the best one ever!

Available at amazon.de (zshop/computer+software).

2. History of the World
von Dorling Kindersley

Auf dieser CD-Rom ist eine multidediale, interaktive Enzyklopädie, die die Weltgeschichte in sehr anschaulicher Form präsentiert. Hier sieht man die legendäre 'I have a dream'- Rede von Martin Luther King wie auch die Magna Carta oder die Declaration of Independence.
One of the best e-shops for CD-Roms and other useful teaching material is:

3. Encarta 2000 Encyclopaedia von Microsoft


Brings a world of information to life!' Das kann man wohl sagen. Eine der besten elektronischen Enzyklopädien für nur 150,- DM beim Burg-Verlag.

4. Multimedia Encyclopedia
von Hutchinson

For 40 pounds it is even more comprehensive than the Encarta, but has fewer videoclips and photos. The interface is clear and attractive with well designed icons and toolbars, but the biggest problem is the lack of a 'back'- button to return to the previous screen although this can be done from the list in the Trail option. Overall, it is a valuable tool for initial and quick reference purposes.

5. Encyclopedia Britannica

Radikal mit dem Preis heruntergegangen auf 99, - DM beim Burg-Verlag (CD Roms+Multimedia).

6. Romeo and Juliet

This BBC production contains the full text of the play with comments on the plot, performance, characters, language, themes and background. Video-clips, audio recording and still pictures are part of the disc. It is easy to find your way around the disc and searching for individual words is also easy. Can be recommended.

7. Macbeth

The BBC Macbeth on CD-Rom is of high quality and provides a set of teaching suggestions and photocopiable worksheets. It offers the entire Alexander text of the play with background material on Shakespeare's life and theatre.There are also notes on performance, themes and characters as well as comments on the play by actors and critics.
Available at the Burg-Verlag

8. Shakespeare

Contains Time, Life & Works of Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s London, Shakespeare’s Theatre. Includes Webster’s New World Dictionary, American Concise Encyclopedia, Barron’s Book Notes for 14 plays, 700 photos, 115 min. of Feature Presentations, 300 interactive questions. 3 CD-ROMs (win / mac) für insgesamt nur 59,95 DM. Preissenkung: beim Burg-Verlag

9. Midsummer Night's Dream

Not as good a disc as previous ones, but contains the full text and soundtrack of the play, summaries, graphics and animations. Navigation is easy, downloading and printing of text and graphics is possible. No extra material about characters, themes or staging. Worksheets are of little value only.

10. Arthur Miller's 'Crucible'

This disc includes the entire text of the play, a video interview with the author, interviews with actors from the Young Vic Company as well as 'read-only' interviews with rofessional actors. It contains large background information and the historical evidence drawn from both the 17th century and the McCarthy era of the 1950s on which Miller based his play. Quality of information is excellent.
Available at the Burg-Verlag

11. Early Victorians

This disc is linked to the Yorkshire Television series 'How We Used to Live'. It includes video reconstruction, music, drawings, photographs and text readings. Among other features it uses a slide show and still pictures to tell a story of a family living during Victorian times. Themes like Trade and Industry or Transport and Domestic Life are covered. There is a facility to save text and pictures to an electronic scrapbook on a floppy disk which is provided with the package.

12. Days Out in Britain+Ireland

This disc can be used as a resource for teachers wishing to identify places to visit on schooltrips. Users can search by country, town or by specific places of interest. The disc can be used independently from a textbook in any lessons covering area studies (Landeskunde).

13. London Tour

Similar application as to the previous disc, it concentrates on London. Useful for anybody who plans a trip to London. The Tour section is is divided into four areas of London and each subsection is further divided into a list of key places, institutions or people. The slides are sometimes dark and difficult to see and the video clips are of no good quality. Places of interest are restricted to central London. More places could have been included.

14. History of the Holocaust

The disc covers the history of antisemitism, particularly the atrocities committed on Jews before and during the Second World War (1933 - 1945). Other topics are the rise of the Nazis, Hitler's Germany, the holocaust and the aftermath. The information is relayed by text, photos, music, newsreels, maps, plans, diagrams, graphs, biographies and a timeline. There is e.g. a detailed plan of Auschwitz from an areal photo taken by the Allies in 1946. Maps are interactive and linked to the timeline. An extremely comprehensive disc.

15. Webster's World Encyclopedia

This disc contains 245 major events of the 20th century, covering major wars, the French Revolution, technological inventions, a history of space and the universe or information about the UN. Pictures, maps, video and sound contribute to the attractiveness of this disc. A special feature is a video labelelled 'Children around the Globe' depicting children from Third World countries who all struggle for survival. Keyword searches are available, but the vast amount of information is simply overwhelming and includes text from The Cambridge Encyclopaedia.

16. Worldbook Multimedia Encycl.

This disc is a wide-ranging encyclopaedia with a built-in dictionary and atlas. Commentaries are spoken in British, Australian, Indian and South African accents. Information can be updated from the publisher' s website on the Internet. Every word in the encyclopaedia is linked to an on-screen dictionary, double-clicking on a word brings up the definition. Printing and downloading information is easy. A good reference tool for both teacher and pupil.

17. World War II Times

This disc constitutes an archive of extracts from The Times newspaper on the event of the Second World War. All the major features of World War II are covered. There is an ever accessible overall menu with helpful areas to investigate, and another menu which tells users where they have been in the disc and where they are at any given point. Naviagtion based on content is easy and sensibly divided into different topics. There is a basic glossary and the option to print articles. Copying articles is facilitated by the Srapbook mechanism. The disc provides access to a large and interesting collection of source material. It is probably more useful in a library than in classroom.

18. Infopedia UK

This disc contains a compendium of the Hutchinson New Century Encyclopaedia, The Hammond Atlas, The Longman Dictionary of the English Language, The Hutchinson Concise Dictionary of English Usage, The Bloomsbury Dictionary of Quotations, The Oxford Concise Dictionary of National Biography, Hutchinson's Info 96 and The Bloomsbury Thesaurus. Texts, maps, photographs, audio clips and video sequences are all of high quality. Major cities are hot-worded directly from the maps to more detailed information. There are articles on popular music, jazz or blues as well as speeches delivered by Mother Theresa or Margaret Thatcher, but also diverse topics such as on the BSE crisis or an AIDS update.
Text and graphics can be printed or saved.

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