Beyond the Chocolate War, 1985
Brother Leon: headmaster of a private boarding school (Trinity School in Monument, somewhere in New England)
Archie Costello: student at Trinity and president of the Vigils, a sinister students' body
Jerry Renault: a student who refused to take part in a money-raising event (selling chocolates) and was physically punished for this by the Vigils. He was so badly injured that he had to leave school.
Ray Bannister: new at Trinity , comes from Cape Cod. He is a magician and in command of some spectacular magical tricks, among them the one with the guillotine.
Obie: Opposed to Archie and in love with Laura Gundarson who eventually leaves him.
Bunting: member of the Vigils and possible successor of Archie, later opposed to him.
Emile Janza: physically very strong and happily executes Archie's unusual punishments
David Caroni: feels treated unjust by Brother Leon for being given an F, although usually an excellent student. Tries to kill Brother Leon, but fails, then commits suicide.

Trinity High School somewhere in New England; school is a preparatory school for ivory league universities

near the end of a school-year

amazon.de Beyond the Chocolate War
Robert Cormier

After the terrible events of The Chocolate War, Jerry Renault, the victim of the chocolate sale, returns to Trinity; things, however, have not changed: Archie Costello and his Vigils still victimize and bully non-conformist students arbitrarily, fight the faculty and corrupt the school whenever an opportunnity arises. They execute sinister tricks on students and teachers alike. Brother Leon even doesn't overcome such a humiliating assault that he retires from school early and shortly after that dies.
School life at Trinity is dominated by antagonism, rejection, revenge and victimization. Archie fights unscrupulous Brother Leon and his school, and Obie bitterly fights Archie and his way of treating suspicious students who oppose him. Obie takes advantage of Ray Bannister and his magical abilities. On a school party is going to perform his trick with the guillotine and Obie volunteers to assist him only to manipulate the guillotine and kill Archie who is to lay his head under the blade of the guillotine. only by a security mechanism does the blade not chop off Archie's head.
The number of days Archie attends Trinity are counted as the school year approaches its end and Archie graduates. Bunting who has always rejected Archie and his power on people is to become Archie's successor and suddenly drops all his sruples which he had before when he imagines how powerful he will be after Archie has left. The story is to show how everybody can become a dictator is he is given the opportunity and the power. Only a few like Jerry Renault can resist the temptation. If you have already dealt with The Chocolate War you needn't read Beyond the Chocolate War. The basic topics are almost the same.

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