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Starring: Pete Postlethwaite, Ewan McGregor, Tara Fitzgerald, Stephen Thompkinson
Directed by: Mark Herman
Duration: 103 mins

The story:
It's 1992 and the miners of Grimley Colliery are facing uncertainty. Not only is their pit under threat, but the Grimley Colliery Band is on the verge of breaking up - that is, until Gloria (Tara Fitzgerald) arrives. As the only female member of the band, she somehow manages to rekindle their enthusiam for the forthcoming National Championships, as well as rekindling a childhood romance with Andy (Ewan McGregor).
Led by the passionate Danny (Pete Postlethwaite), the band play on. Danny has his pride, and his trombonist son, Phil (Stephen Tomkinson), has his problems. Problems which even Mr Chuckles the clown can't seem to help him solve. With the National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall looming, can they all hold it together and secure a famous victory for Grimley?

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Used, but in very good condition
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