Ethnic groups of Canada

Annual Report on the Operation of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act 2007-2008

Left figure 1: Diversity in Canada 1996-2006, and 2017 projections

Left figure 2: Diversity in Census Metropolitan Areas

Left figure 3: Diversity in the provinces and territories

Quebec sovereignty movement

........refers to both the political movement and the ideology of values, concepts and ideas that promote the secession of the province of Quebec from the rest of Canada. While some affiliations to the movement suggest a violent, militarist revolution for the creation of a separate country, most groups seek to use negotiation-based diplomatic interventions, which would eventually lead to Quebec becoming a country. ...more

Canada's Sovereignty

Sovereignty is an abstract legal concept which has also, today, some nonlegal (political, social and economic) implications. In strictly legal terms it denotes the supreme power or authority in the state - the ultimate source of legality. For Canadians, the historical-legal roots go back to the early 17th-century English constitutional battles between king and Parliament, colourfully rendered in the rebuke by Chief Justice Sir Edward Coke to the Royalist claims that executive (Prerogative) powers were immune from legal control or review by other authority (judicial or legislative) in the state. ...more

Canadian Identity

The concepts of “nation” and “national identity” were developed in the late eighteenth century by thinkers whose acute sensitivity to the way in which language and culture made peoples different led them to place an unprecedented stress on the variety and texture of humankind. Reacting to the Enlightenment tendency to define human beings in terms of abstract and universal characteristics – notably the ability to reason – and building on the concepts of “folk” and “people,” of which German philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder would make so much, they argued that human beings were always situated in a particular linguistic and cultural space and could not be understood or defined unless full account were taken of that critical fact. ...more

About Environment Canada

Environment Canada is building on its accomplishments with the environment through credible science, effective regulations and legislation, successful partnerships, and high-quality service delivery to Canadians.

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Canada Environmental Issues
Environment - Details and Analysis

On Canada's Economy:
Canada in the Global Economy

The Canadian Economic System

Canada in the Global Economy

Canada - Overview of economy

Canadian Art:
Contemporary Canadian art

Canadian Contemporary Art can refer simply to any visual art made in Canada currently or by living Canadian artists. However, it is a term that more accurately refers to Canadian visual, media, performance, video, and other artistic and/or conceptual practices that are critically and intellectually engaged and that deliberately address both a local and global context. One might further define it by the intended audience and expected venues for its exhibition and display: public galleries, art museums, artist-run centres, certain commercial galleries, etc. ...more

Artists, sculptors, interior design etc.
Museum Of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA)

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, (MOCCA), was officially founded from the former Art Gallery of North York in 1999 with a mandate to exhibit, research, collect, and promote innovative art by Canadian artists whose works engage and reflect the relevant stories of our times. MOCCA currently exists as a not-for-profit, arms-length agency of the City of Toronto 's Toronto Culture.

Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver

The Contemporary Art Gallery is dedicated to the research, exhibition, education and documentation of contemporary visual art as it is practiced locally through to internationally. It aspires to generate significant audiences for its innovative and diverse programmes through free access and a profile that is international in scope.

River Lewis, a comtemporary artist

River Lewis has exhibited artworks across the British Columbia Mainland in venues including Surrey Art Gallery, Chilliwack Arts Centre and smaller art venues and events. He is involved in the Artist Trading Card movement, showing at the Richmond Art Gallery, Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina - this promises to be a very exciting artistic endeavour both socially and creatively. As an okanagan artist, River enjoys capturing natural scenery in the Okanagan region producing paintings and drawings that interpret the complex skies and landscape in Vernon BC and the North Okanagan in particular.

Artists in Canada Directory

Discover the richness and variety of Canadian art. Individual artists are featured throughout the site with images of their work. Filter your search by name, type of art, or province. If you know the name try our site search.

Canadian - Media, Literature, Music:
Media of Canada

Canada has a well-developed media sector, but its cultural output — particularly in English films, television shows, and magazines — is often overshadowed by imports from the United States. Television, magazines, and newspapers are primarily for-profit corporations based on advertising, subscription, and other sales-related revenues. Nevertheless, both the television broadcasting and publications sectors require a number of government interventions to remain profitable, ranging from regulation that bars foreign companies in the broadcasting industry to tax laws that limit foreign competition in magazine advertising. ...more

The Canadian Media Research Consortium promotes economic, social, and cultural research in Canadian media and communications.
Music of CanadaThe music of Canada has influences that have shaped the country. Aboriginals, the British, and the French have all made unique contributions to the musical heritage of Canada. The music has subsequently been heavily influenced by American culture because of its proximity and migration between the two countries. Since French explorer Samuel de Champlain arrived in 1605 and established the first permanent Canadian settlements at Port Royal and Quebec City in 1608, the country has produced its own composers, musicians and ensembles
Artists, modern music, bands etc.

Slacker - Radio Music

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