DRUGS, SPORT, AND POLITICS by Robert Voy and Kirk D. Deeter

The story:
Readers will get an insider's look at the problem of drug use in the pursuit of athletic gold in "Drugs, Sport, and Politics". Dr. Robert Voy, former Chief Medical Officer for the United States Olympic Committee, tells what drugs are being used and who's using them, how accessible and dangerous black market drugs are, which officials and organizations may have covered up positive drug tests, and how the problem of drugs in sport can be solved.

Excerpt from book:
"There is simply too much money involved in international sports today. One needs to understand that the officials in charge of operating sport at the amateur level need world-class performances to keep their businesses rolling forward. The sad truth is that people don't pay to watch losers, and corporations don't sponsor teams that can't bring home the gold. The athletes and officials realize this, so they're willing to do whatever it takes to win. And sometimes that means turning their backs on the drug problem.
When an international hero such as Ben Johnson is exposed for cheating, everyone - I mean everyone - feels repercussions from this blow. The sport federations lose money. They lose public interest and support. They are forced to face sharp, intense scrutiny from the media. Thus, many officials seem more willing to turn their backs on the problems, sweep them under the rug, and avoid an expose rather than become a laughing stock before the world.
Even a testing process that uses the most sophisticated scientific resources and is controlled by the most atruistic officers is therefore susceptible to manipulation. I have seen numerous cases where I suspect cover-ups to have taken place not only to protect the images of the violating athletes but also to protect the sport organizations in charge of maintaining a level of fair play.
Ultimately, turning the other cheek on these issues comes back to bite the parties involved on their rear ends. One needs to remember that by shielding the offenders, officials are really sending a negative message to the majority of athletes who have chosen to compete clean."

About the author:
Robert Voy, M.D., currently practices family and sports medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has served as the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Sports Medicine and Science for the United States Olympic Committee and is a retired Captain from the U.S. Army Medical Corps.

DRUGS, SPORT, AND POLITICS by Robert Voy and Kirk D. Deeter
Sprache: Englisch
Hardcover 248 pages (September 1990)
Publisher: Human Kinetics Europe Ltd
ISBN: 0880114096
Preis: ???? (out of print)

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