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The story:
A postmodern commentary on the rise of 'reality TV', Ed TV is one of few romantic comedies that are actually funny. It delienates the brief TV career of Ed, a Texan video store clerk, who finds himself thrust from obscurity to nationwide fame when he becomes the star of his own TV channel, which renders his everyday life. Naturally this has a wide range of repercussions and soon the whole escapade turns sour as his family collapses around him, their closeted skeletons tumbling out into the open. Matthew McConaughy does a good job of portraying Ed but the real starhas to be the Woody Allen-esque step-father, Al, brilliantly and humorously portrayed by Martin Landau. By contrast, Jenna Elfman's Shari - the love interest - is flat and unexciting.
However, the cast is probably secondary to the concept. The whole film challenges the way the media - not just television - creates celebrities overnight, destroying their dignity through stealing their privacy, and subjecting them to the judgement and criticism of the masses. It is a sharp yet subtle critique of what can be seen as a disturbing trend as witnessed in the manic following of shows like Big Brother, as well as in the treatment people are subjected to by the press and showbiz paparazzi. And, especially when Ed becomes trapped in his new role as the man everyone watches endlessly on TV - and thus, the man everyone assumes they know - it starkly exhibits the cost of celebrity. This is all packaged up with an absolutely superb soul-based soundtrack which complements the action and overall quality of the production.

Infos zu diesem Titel - VHS cassette
Darsteller: Matthew McConaughey, Clint Howard
Regie: Ron Howard
• Dolby, PAL, Surround Sound
• Laufzeit: 118 Minuten
• Video Erscheinungstermin: 3. September 2001
• ASIN: B00004SC88
Preis: € 14,99

Used, but in very good condition
13 € incl. postage
If you want to buy this video second hand, send me an eMail

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