Lonely Planet Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey by Andrew Stevenson

Lonely Planet Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey by Andrew Stevenson (hier online bestellen)

The story:
New Zealand is the stated subject of Andrew Stevenson's Kiwi Tracks but his inner emotions, life history and candid backpacking experiences interweave to form an engaging subtext. Stevenson spent four months on the road, two months on South Island and two on North Island. He bypassed the urban centres as often as he could to walk through the National Parks, Fiordland and stroll along Ninety Mile Beach. In search of the spirit of the places, he talks to fellow travellers and locals, immersing himself in the "generosity and hospitality of Kiwis".

About the author:
Andrew Stevenson was born in Canada, but spent his childhood in Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Scotland, Malaysia and Singapore. He studied postgraduate international economics in France, Canada and Norway and worked as an international economist for two Canadian banks before joining the United Nations Development Programme. He was assigned to the UNDP offices in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, remained in the country after a two year stint with the UN, obtained his pilot's licence and started a safari company in the Selous Game Reserve. After five years in East Africa he returned to North America to become a financial advisor, and to upgrade his pilot's licence. He has subsequently worked as a consultant in international development for the Canadian, Norwegian and Swedish governments, travelling over most of Africa and Asia. He was owner of two adventure companies in Norway. He currently lives in Bermuda with his Kiwi wife Annabel and daughter Elsa where he writes full time.

Lonely Planet Kiwi Tracks: A New Zealand Journey by Andrew Stevenson
Sprache: Englisch
Taschenbuch - 264 Seiten - Lonely Planet Publications Erscheinungsdatum: 29. Oktober 1999
ISBN: 0864427875
Preis: € 11,95

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