MAD CITY by J. H. Marks

MAD CITY by J. H. Marks (hier online bestellen)

The story:
Sam Baily is a fired museum guard holding a class of little kids, their teacher and his ex-boss hostage at gunpoint while America watches the story unfold in living and dying colour. Max Brackett is a TV network reporter who has fallen from grace and is willing to sacrifice everything for a blood-wet dream of news drama come true. They are as different as two men can be - but the goal that binds them is as simple as it it dangerous.

Extract from book:
"Brackett (journalist) washed his hands and started out the door when something made him stop in his tracks. In the main room of the museum, he saw a man unzip a large canvas bag and pull out a rifle. The weapon should have endowed the man with deadly machismo, but somehow he did not look comfortable. Mrs. Banks (in charge of the museum) looked at the armed man with astonishment - not yet afraid, but uncertain whether or not this was a bad joke or a real threat.
And then things began to happen so quickly that Brackett could not decipher what he was seeing.
A wave of laughing, shouting children raced past the armed man - entirely unaware of his presence. They charged against the building's exit. Their voices were shrill, and the tension that had suddenly filled the room rose quickly to another level.
Sam (Baily) was caught by surprise. He had been hoping - illogically - that the sight of the gun would force Mrs. Banks to listen to him while he pleaded his case to keep his job. It was not much of a strategy, but he was not much of a thinker. As the kids swarmed past him, Sam panicked, uncertain about what he should do - but sure that something needed to be done. His first thought was that the kids could get him into further trouble before he solved things with Mrs. Banks. Then he thought that the schoolchildren might help him get his job back. Sam wheeled around, pointed his rifle at the kids, and shouted as loudly as he could, 'Wait! Everybody stop!'
Mrs. Banks has so far been annoyed by Sam's interruption of her day by the bad taste of his joke. but once he threatened the children, she gasped with shock. Sam's voice rang out like a shot through the building - echoing harshly against its stone walls. The children stopped where they were and recoiled with fear. Everybody stood still and satred at Sam - not knowing what was going to happen next."

MAD CITY by J. H. Marks
Sprache: Englisch
Broschiert - New Amer Library (Mm)
Erscheinungsdatum: 1997
ISBN: 0451193822

Used, but in very good condition
8 € + 1,50 € postage
If you want to buy this book second hand (Penguin Books paperback), send me an eMail You can also buy the German translation of the book (W. Heyne Verlag, München - paperback). The two books for € 12,50 + € 1,50 postage.

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