Pentagon Papers: As Published by the New York Times

Pentagon Papers: As Published by the New York Times (hier online bestellen)

The story:
The Pentagon Papers is the true story of Daniel Ellsberg, a high-ranking Pentagon official whose greatest act of Patriotism was an act of Treason.

Extract from book:
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"In the end, the study recounts, Secretary Dulles 's views (i.e. under Eisenhauer's presidency) were persuasive. On Aug. 20 (i.e. 1954) the President approved a National Security Council paper titled "Review of U.S. Policy in the Far East . It outlined a threefold program:
1. Militarily, the United States would "work with France so far as necessary to build up indigenous forces able provide internal security."
2. Economically, the United States would begin giving aid directly to the Vietnamese, not as before through the French. The French were to be dissociated from the levers of command.
3. Politically, the United States would work with Premier Diem, but would encourage him to broaden his government and establish more democratic institutions.
With these decisions, the account says "American policy towards post-Geneva Vietnam was drawn." The commitment for the United States to assume the burden of defending South Vietnam had been made." (p. 15)

Pentagon Papers: As Published by the New York Times by Neil, etc. Sheehan
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Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 1971
ISBN: 0552649171
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