STARS AND BARS by William Boyd

STARS AND BARS by William Boyd (hier online bestellen)

The story:
Sharply observed and brilliantly plotted, Stars and Bars is an uproarious portrait of culture clash deep in the heart of the American South, by one of contemporary literature’s most imaginative novelists.
A recent transfer to Manhattan has inspired art assessor Henderson Dores to shed his British reserve and aspire to the impulsive and breezy nature of Americans. But when Loomis Gage, an eccentric millionaire, invites him to appraise his small collection of Impressionist paintings, Dores's plans quite literally go south. Stranded at a remote mansion in the Georgia countryside, Dores is received by the bizarre Gage family with Anglophobic slurs, nausea-inducing food, ludicrous death threats, and a menacing face off with competing art dealers. By the time he manages to sneak back to New York City–sporting only a cardboard box–Henderson Dores realizes he is fast on the way to becoming a naturalized citizen.

Extract from book:

About the author:
William Boyd was born in Accra, Ghana, on 7 March 1952. He was educated at Gordonstoun School, Glasgow University and Jesus College, Oxford. His first novel, A Good Man in Africa (1981), was published while he was a lecturer in English at St Hilda's College, Oxford, and won the Whitbread First Novel Award and a Somerset Maugham Award.
His other novels include An Ice-Cream War (1982), Brazzaville Beach (1990), which won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize (for fiction) , and The Blue Afternoon (1993), which won the Sunday Express Book of the Year award and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize (Fiction). Armadillo (1998) is set in London and follows the adventures of insomniac loss-adjustor Lorimer Black. The book was adapted for television as a four-part series screened by the BBC in 2001 with a screenplay by the author. The publication of Boyd's book Nat Tate: An American Artist 1928-1960 (1998), the 'biography' of a neglected genius, reportedly fooled a number of prominent art critics who claimed to have heard of the wholly fictional painter.
A former television critic for the New Statesman (1981-3) magazine, William Boyd is also a scriptwriter. He wrote the television screenplays for Good and Bad at Games (1983), Dutch Girls (1985) and Scoop (1987), as well as the screenplays for film versions of two of his own books, A Good Man in Africa and Stars and Bars. He also wrote and directed the First World War drama The Trench, first screened in 1999. A new radio play, the ghost story A Haunting, was first broadcast by BBC Radio 4 in December 2001. His screenplay for The Galapagos Affair is shortly to be made into a film.
William Boyd became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1983. His eighth novel, Any Human Heart (2002), is a history of the twentieth century told through the fictional journals of novelist Logan Mountstuart. William Boyd lives in London.

STARS AND BARS by William Boyd
Sprache: Englisch
Taschenbuch - 336 Seiten - Vintage Books USA
Erscheinungsdatum: 1. Juli 2001
ISBN: 0375705015
Preis: € 12,95

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