Decide whether to use the adjective or adverb:

1.The longer she was waiting, the (worried) ____________________ she became.
2. She looked at him (surprised) _____________________ when he told her that he wouldn't want to go to England.
3. Later she talked to him (friendly) ______________________ when she heard that he had lost his job (unexpected) ___________________.
4. She was (pretty) __________________ dressed, but (unfortunate) ___________________ she arrived (late) ____________ for dinner.
5. The dinner tasted (delicious) ___________________ , but the dessert tasted even (good) ____________.
6. He ran (fast) __________________ than his friend in the beginning, but at the end everybody looked (astonished) __________________ when he lost the race.
7. The children behaved (polite) ______________________ this time than the last time.
8. Mike felt (bad) __________________ than his friend when they both arrived late for lessons.
9. The weather became so (pleasant) _____________________ after three weeks of rain.
10. Alan gave a (pretty) _____________________ intelligent answer.

11. She was dressed so (loud) ________________ that everybody looked at her (astonished) ____________________.
12. Alan was very (astonished) __________________________ when some UFO landed in front of his home.

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