Decide whether to use the adjective or adverb:

1. The South of England looks (beautiful) __________________________ , but you can't live there (cheap)___________________.
2. You must be (careful) ____________________________ and drive very (slow)________________, because traffic is getting (busy) ______________.
3. My father looked very (angry) ______________________________ at me because the song on my record sounded (terrible) ________________.
4. She looks after the children (friendly) __________________________ although they sometimes get very (noisy) _______________.
5. If you learn English (proper) ________________________ you will be able to speak it (good) _____________.
6. The food in the restaurant tasted (bad) __________, but the meal in the hotel tasted even (bad) __________ than that in the restaurant.
7. Do you (full) _____________________ understand what I mean?
8. I like to sit in that (comfortable)_____________________ chair because my back aches (terrible) ____________________.
9. The porter was (hard) _____________ able to carry my luggage.
10. I (usual) ____________________________ drink my tea with milk.

11. We can do our shopping (convenient) ______________________________ than our friends who live quite far from a shopping cntre.
12. Father shouted very (angry) ____________________ at his son. He even sounded (excited) ____________________.

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