Find and list the ten adverbs that modify adjectives in the following sentences. After each adverb give the adjective modified.

1. Considering its quality, I thought the dress surprisingly inexpensive.
2. The most powerful swimmers are the only ones who can manage the river currents.
3. The highway patrol warned drivers about the extremely slippery roads.
4. The tall Redwood tree looked very familiar to the scouts.
5. The scoutmaster remained exceptionally calm under the circumstances.
6. He seemed quite confident that they would eventually find the campsite again.
7. Holmes soon realized that he was dealing with a fiendishly clever opponent.
8. The magician made the trick seem quite easy.
9. The legislators' decision to cut their own salaries was entirely unexpected.
10. Jeff was very unhappy to find three shining eyes peering at him from the darkness.

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