Mr. Bunion and his Car

Mr. Bunion has a b_______ n_______ car. He is very p__________ of it. He is d ______________ along the road in it, and he is w______________ his best clothes, and a fine t___________ h_____________ .
Mr. Bunion is driving very f_____________. Suddenly he comes to a very b_________________ piece of r______________. The new car j__________________ into the a_______________ , as it goes over the bumps, and bang! Mr.Bunion h______________ his head o____________ the roof.
Now he has to stop because he cannot see what is h_____________________ . Why can't he see? B_________________ his fine top hat is jammed down o______________ his eyes! Mr. Bunion is very a__________________ .

Mr. Bunion is on the s________________. He is trying to be a m__________________ . He has a t_________________, and on it there is an e__________________ hat. He thinks: "What a good Magician I a_______________ !" In his hand t___________________ is a magic wand. He waves the w____________________ o___________________ the hat, and says the m________________________ word: "Abracadabra!"
Hey presto! 0_________________ 0_____________________ the hat he takes a pair of b__________________. He is p_________________d. He thinks. "Oh, dear. This is not a r__________________________ it is a p_____________________ of braces."
Then he f________________________ little cold. He l_______________________ down. Oh dear, they are his own braces, and his t_________________________ are round his a__________________________ . All the people are l___________________________g at him. He is a______________________________d, and th_________________________: "W_____________________________ fool I am!"

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