Leisure and Recreation
Recreational opportunities in Northern Ontario are endless.Ea_______ season off____ the outd_______ enthusiast ple_______ of opport____________. Summer i________ the ti_________ to expl_______ the riv_______ and hik__________ trails o_______ the aer____________. Mountain-bik________ is ano__________ summer favo__________. Canoe rou__________ vary i__________ length fr_________ short d_________ trips t__________ more rigorous whitewater paddles. The latter can even take you all the way to James Bay.

On Stage Now
Toronto, Canada's second largest city, is a real centre of culture. Its cult___________ and entert__________ scene i_________ wide-ran____________ and sophis______________. With ov__________ two hun__________ professional the______________ and da____________ companies offe__________ ten thou___________ performances ea_________ year, glitt__________ Broadway musi_____________, avantgarde dra____________, sketch come___________, world-renowned op_____________, as we____________ as bal_____________ and conc____________, the Toronto theatre scene offers something for everyone. You should't miss it.

Toronto is a clean, safe, cosmopititan city. It has a wond____________ network o_________ parks, recrea__________, and cult__________ facilities. Tor____________ is t__________world's th__________ largest Eng________-speaking the__________ district, beh_________ New Yo___________ and Lon____________ and ho__________ of fo_________ professional spo____________ teams. More___________, it i____________ an ethni____________ diverse ci_________, with mo________ than 80 ethnic communities from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Toronto is also the business centre of Canada.

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls is a beautiful natural wonder which everyone can enjoy. Its geographic location hap_________ to b__________ an intern_________ border wh____________ divides Can___________ and t___________ United Sta_______. The Rai__________ Bridge jo__________ both coun____________, allowing veh___________ and pedes____________ traffic acc__________ to bo____________ sides. T___________ see i___________ best, y___________ should exper____________ it fr____________ many diff_______________ angles. During the warmer months of May through October, you will definitely want to go behind the falls and visit Cave of the Winds on Goat Islands.

From: Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen 2004

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