TESTS: Test on Collocations and Adjectives

A. Collocations

Collocations are combinations of words which regularly go together in English. We say "weak tea", for example, not "feeble tea". lt is the correct use of collocations which makes your English sound natural. The problem with these "word groupings" is that they can be quite different in English and German so that you can easily make mistakes. That is why you must look up collocations in your dictionary where the most common combinations with the headword are often given in the examples.

Choose the right words from inside the brackets to complete the following sentences:

1. You must hand in your essay by Friday lunch-time. Can you (meet/ keep/hold) that deadline?

2. Linda (struck/blew/hit) the nail on the head when she said that the exam was far too difficult.

3. We hadn't met for over ten years when we ran across each other (through/ on/by/in) accident last week.

4. Bill has finally found a job again. He will (draw/signal/shut/underwrite/sign) the contract tomorrow.

5. "Hello, Shirley. Is Nick in his office?" - "No, he's away (in/on/during/with) holiday. He said he had to get (off/ away/on/far) from all this for some time."

6. I (made/got/had/did) a strange experience the other day: I thought I saw my dead grandmother sitting in the garden.

7. Do you also (represent/keep/hold/undertake) this opinion?

B. Appropriate adjectives:

Are the adjectives appropriate in all these sentences? If not, try to suggest a better alternative.

1. This watch is antique. It belonged to my great-grandmother.

2. Some of the sites of the antique civilization of Greece have been ruined by tourists.

3. We can't eat that camembert today. It's not ripe.

4. Despite his many years of hard work the professor lived to a ripe old age.

5. When I was small I was afraid of dogs.

6. Our cat has just had five dear small kittens.

7. These gloves are too little for me.

8. I can only wear this ring on my little finger.

9. My mother is littler than me.

10. Poor old Arthur, someone has just driven into the back of his Rolls Royce!

11. There was a very poor congregation at church this morning.

12. I feel slightly sick after that rich meal.

13. The miner was overjoyed when he struck a rich vein of gold.

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