A poor farmer's thoughts:

1. If I (to go)__________________ to the market, I will sell these eggs in my basket.
2. If I can get a lot of money for them, I (to buy) ___________________ more chickens.
3. But if I (to sell) ___________________ the eggs for£100, I would buy a cow.
4. If I (to have) ___________________ the cow, I (to milk)__________________ it three times a day.
5. If I could get a lot of milk from it, I (to make) ___________________ hundreds of pounds of butter.
6. What (my husband; to say) ___________________________ , if he saw all the butter?
7. He (to say) _____________________ , '(I; to eat) ____________________ all the butter if I (to be) ____________________ you.'
8. But I (to answer) _____________________, 'I am not like you! I (to make) __________________ a lot of money if I take the butter to the market.'
9. If I (not to sell) ________________________ it, I would think, 'If you had sold it, you (to make) ________________ more money than anyone in the village.'
10. The farmer's wife went to town and thought, 'Wouldn't I be a rich woman, if I (to have) ____________ more animals?'
11. If I (to be) _________________ rich ten years ago, I (to buy) ______________________ a house for my family.
12. When she came home, her husband said, 'I would have been the richest farmer in the village if we (to have) ______________________ money enough to build a house ten years ago.

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