TESTS: TEST XI on Conditional Clauses

Changes the sentences below into conditional sentences in the same manner as the example shows.


Tom did not listen to me. That's why he made this mistake. If Tom had listened to me, he would not have made this mistake.

Now it's your turn.

1. We only cought the train because it was late.
2. This man was driving too fast. That is the only reason why the accident happened.
3. We got wet because we did not have our umbrellas with us.
4. We have no car, so unfortunately we will be late.
5. Why don't you shave more often? You look terrible.
6. We would like to visit George and Anne. I think they'll invite us soon.
7. Jim smokes too much. That's why his health is so bad.
8. I liked the job, but the pay was not good, so I left.
9. I hope Michael gets a couple of days off work. We really need a holiday.
10. This is an interesting job offer. I only hope the pay is good.
11. You didn't ask me, so I couldn't tell you.
12. Nobody like Fred, but only because he is always so sarcastic.

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