1. If the weather (to be) __________________ fine yesterday, we would have gone to the Baltic Sea.
2. Catherine (rather; to go) _____________________ to the Mediterranean Sea, if she had the money.
3. Munich (can; to win) _______________________________ the match against Liverpool, if they had played more intelligently.
4. If Mr Nelson (to be) ____________________ the boss of the company, he would offer Alan the job as a web designer.
5. If people (not; to have) ___________________________ the money, they can't buy any luxury items.
6. If Margaret Thatcher had not been elected Prime Minister in 1979, England (probably; to be) __________________________ a full EU member.
7. Many lives (can; to save) ________________________________, if the firemen had arrived earlier.
8. If Alan went to Oxford University, he (must; to learn) __________________________ Latin.
9. If George Carter hadn't broken his leg, he (not; to take) ____________________ to hospital.
10. If he (can; to walk) _____________________________, he would leave rather now than later.

1. Wenn man im Sommer nach Venedig fahren sollte, würde man dort viele amerikanische Touristen antreffen.
2. Vater hätte seinem Sohn erlaubt, das Auto zu benutzen, wenn es nicht so stark geschneit hätte.

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