1. If Timmy (not to go; always) _____________________ to bed very late, he (not to be) ___________________ so tired in the mornings.
2. If he (not to watch) _____________________ TV so late last night, he (not to be) __________________ so tired this morning.
3. If Timmy (not to be) ______________________ so tired, he (to hear) __________________ the alarm clock.
4. If he (to hear) _____________________ the alarm clock, he (not to arrive) _________________________ so late.
5. Timmy (to catch) ______________________ his usual bus, if he (to get up) ___________________ on time.
6. The next bus was very crowded. If it (not to be) ______________________ so crowded, Timmy (not to have to go) ________________________ upstairs.
7. It was already 9 o'clock when the bus stopped near his office. Timmy quickly ran down the stairs. If he (not to run) __________________ down the stairs so quickly, he (not to fall over ________________________.
8. If he (not to fall over) ____________________, he (not to break) ___________________ his leg.
9. And Timmy (not to have to be taken) ______________________________ to hospital, if he (not to break) _______________________ his leg.
10. But then he (not to be able to watch) _____________________________________ TV all day, if he (not to be) _____________________________ in hospital now.

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