1. It must be lovely in Scotland. If my parents ( to be) ____________________ very rich, I (to go) _____________________ there right now by plane. Just imagine!
2. If I (to be) ____________________ in Scotland with Fiona and Kate right now, we (to go) _________________________ walking in the hills every day.
3. And if we (to see) _______________________ any more nest-robbers, we (to catch) ___________________ them, and I (to take) _____________________ photos of them.
4. Oh, but I haven't got a camera. But I'm sure about one thing:
If I (to have) _______________________ a camera, I (to be) ___________________ a member of the Camera Club like Fiona. But things will be different next year.
5. Then I'll have a camera. I know I'll learn very quickly. And if we (to go) ____________ on an excursion next year, I (to take) ___________________ the best photos in the class.
6. I know, if I (to want) ___________________ to take photos, I (must) __________________________ buy the films.
7. But if I (to be) _____________________ in the Camera Club, I (can) ______________________ use the School Photo Lab, so I won't have to spend so much money.
8. If I (to have) __________________ a camera on my trip to Wales last year, I (can) _______________________ take a lot of good shots.
9. And if it (not to rain) __________________________________ so much in Wales, we (can; to see) ____________________________ Mount Snowdon.

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