Joey has written a letter to his Irish friend Sinead, who has been on a trip to Africa. But he has made a few mistakes. Try to correct them if they are wrong.

Dear Sinead,
It's really cool that you did so many fantastic things in Africa. Sometimes I think about what (1) would have happened if I went to Africa. If the weather were too hot, I (2) will drink a lot of water. You weren't afraid when you saw all those wild animals. But I think I (3) will scream if I saw a wild lion! Your story made me very excited about visiting Africa. If I ever get a chance to go, I definitely (4) did. My parents said they (5) would let me go if I paid for half of the flight. I have an afternoon-job - but I'll need a lot of money! If I (6) had started planning earlier, maybe I could have gone this year. But I was too lazy. Maybe I'll do it next year. If I (7) have time, I would write more - but I don't. But please write back. If you do, I (8) would send you a longer letter next time. I (9) would have told you you more about myself if you tell me you're interested in that.

What would I do if...?
Which sentence halves belong together?
1. If I ever saw a snake, a. I would live in Kenya.
2. If I go to Africa, b. I would have done things differently.
3. If I could have my dream pet, c. I would buy my own aeroplane.
4. If I had known that earlier, d. I would see what the future is like.
5. If I had started earlier, e. I would have a tiger.
6. If I could live anywhere in the world, f. I wouldn't know what to do.
7. If I could travel through time, g. I will go on a safari.
8. If I were rich, h. I would have finished an hour ago.
From: SpotOn, Englisch-Power für die Schule, Sept./Okt. 2006

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