TESTS: TEST VIII on Conditional Clauses

Complete the sentences with a suitable form of the verbs in brackets, adding negative forms where necessary.

1. Unless people___________________ (book) tickets already, it ___________________ (be) possible to attend tonight's performance.
2. If Kevin ________________ (tell) bis mother what had happened, she _______________ (sort out) the whole misunderstanding long ago.
3. Even if you________________ (be) to get the job, how ________________ (sell) the house in time?
4. If you ______________________ (bring) someone else's book home, you _________________________ (return) it to school the next day, don't you?
5. If only you _______________________ (behave) less childishly, you _____________________ (get) more cooperation from him, instead of his usual response.
6. Unless he ________________________ (go) shopping now, there __________________________ (be) anything for supper.
7. Even if an interviewer ___________________________ (try) to put the candidate at ease, it _______________________ (be) usually still a very stressful situation.
8. If you ____________________ (notice) that the figures were wrong, why ___________________ (wait) until now to tell me?

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