TESTS: TEST IX on Conditional Clauses

Choose the correct alternative from those given and write its letter on your answer sheet.

He ____________ a radio if he had been able to afford to.
A) would have bought
B) will buy
C) has bought
D) had bought
Answer: A

1. He asked me what I ____________ if I'd been him.
A) was saying
B) had said
C) would have said
D) said
2. Very little time _______________ to finish this work if we had the right tools to do it.
A) needed
B) would have needed
C) will be needed
D) would be needed
3. Unless the builders finish the walls by Wednesday, the carpenters ________________ the doors in before the end of the week.
A) won't put
B) haven't put
C) didn't put
D) hadn't put
4. If they could improve the roads, trade _________________ .
A) increases
B) would increase
C) increased
D) had increased
5. When he met her, he didn't know what to say. In his position, I __________________ her some tea, but I've never met her.
A) was offering
B) have offered
C) would have offered
D) had been offering
6. A book of that kind is no use now, but it _________________ useful for next year's course.
A) was being
B) would be
C) is being
D) will have been
7. I don't know whether the letter is finished yet, but he __________________ it yesterday as he had nothing else to do.
A) had finished
B) finished
C) could finish
D) could have finished
8. Tell him to put it in the garden. It _________________ more appropriate there.
A) is semming
B) would seem
A) was seeming
B) has been seeming
9. If we could have put up the tent, we _________________ wet.
A) weren't getting
B) can't get
C) wouldn't have got
D) didn't get
10. If you took those clothes to the laundry now, they _________________ by this evening.
A) would be washed
B) washed
C) would wash
D) would have been washing
11. If my mother had not insisted on packing my luggage, I __________________ with all these ridiculous packages when I arrived yesterday.
A) will not have been burdened
B) should not be burdened
C) would not have been burdened
D) would not have burdened
12. Why don't you put your money in the bank? It ___________________ a lot safer there.
A) is being
B) was being
C) will have been
D) would be
13. I wish the traffic police ____________________ to deal more sympathetically with foreign tourists.
A) will be told
B) could be told
C) would have been told
D) would tell
14. He ___________________ more if you would agree to help him.
A) learned
B) had learned
C) would have learned
D) would learn
15. 'Supposing it had rained when you were there ?' ' We __________________ until it stopped.'
A) had sheltered
B) would shelter
C) sheltered
D) would have sheltered
16. She _____________________ from her post if she is late again. A) dismisses
B) has been dismissed
C) will be dismissed
D) is dismissing
17. I wish you _________________ it last week.
A) could have sent
B) could send
C) sent
D) have sent
18. I _____________________ lying injured if the searchers hadn't used dogs.
A) was not found
B) shouldn't have been found
C) shall not be found
D) wouldn't be found
19. When he was a child, he ____________________ only to his mother.
A) would speak
B) will speak
C) is speaking
D) has spoken
20. Supposing we had attacked them first, how ____________________ ?
A) did they react
B) do they react
C) were they reacting
D) would they have reacted

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