Connect each of the two sentences by using a relative or a contact clause respectively:

1. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace. Its flag flies when she is at home.
2. We visited Westminster Abbey. I like it very much.
3. In King's Road we bought a lot of souvenirs. They were quite expensive.
4. We saw quite a few young people. They wore clothes of the latest fashion.
5. Then we went by tube. Its stations are not far from each other.
6. The most interesting sight was Madame Tussaud's. We visited it at the end of our guided tour.
7. For the underground we bought a Travelcard. We used it at least ten times.
8. We also had a look around the Docklands. Its new buildings are fascinating.
9. The largest building there is the Millenium Dome. It will not be there much longer.
10. The tour guide was Sottish. We liked him a lot because he was so humorous.

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