A Day Out at London Zoo (March 2023)

Mia, the German exchange pupil at a London Secondary School lives together as a guest with an English family. Together with Courtney, the family's 14-year-old daughter, Mia attends Henrietta Barnett School in the northwest of London. They are both in class 7 at HBS, which is one of the few remaining grammar schools in England where you can take your O'level or A'level exams. The school is within walking distance from their home, but when the weather is fine, they both take their bikes.
Weather permitting they sometimes go to a nearby public swimming pool and when it rains they go window shopping in the adjacent shopping centre, where they sometimes eat hamburgers or fish+chips.
On the first day of their Easter holiday, the two girls made up their minds to have a day out at London Zoo. The zoo is run by the ZSL, the Zoological Society of London and is one of the finest zoos worldwide. Its habitat includes c. 15,000 animals and is located in wonderful surroundings at Regent's Park, one of London's many parks.
As they don't want to waste time in long queues at the zoo's entrance, they buy their tickets online. As they are both under 15, they get reduced prices of 18 pounds each. This is quite a lot of money for them, but living in London is generally very expensive. On the day out they have to take the tube, which is the underground rail in London. The ride takes them c. 30 minutes. Arriving at the zoo they both have to display their online tickets and stroll past the cages and caves with animals. Monkeys, elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes and many other animals and birds are on their ways along the zoo.
After 4 hours both are exhausted and have a picnick before they take the train back home.

I. TASKS: Find the right word or phrase for the following questions:

1. What do you call young people who spend some time at a foreign school? _______________________

2. If young people pay less for tickets, they pay at a ... ______________________
3. What does ZSL stand for? _________________________
4. How do English call the "Gymnasium"? ________________________
5. After 12 years you take an exam which is called...? __________________________
6. If you don't have to take your bike, the school is in....? __________________________
7. A typically English snack is called? ________________________
8. Where is London Zoo located? ___________________________

9.How is the London underground train called? __________________
10. The living space for animals is called? _______________________

II. Write a letter to your parents in Germany and tell them about your experience at London Zoo.

Gernot may be a 'mummy's boy' now, but one day he hopes to be a big silverback just like his Dad. He was born in 2015 and raised by Mjukuu, but his biological parents are Effie and Kumbuka. Gernot can be very playful and he enjoys rolling about all over the place.


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