Put in the definite article where needed:

1. _____ life is not possible without _________ water.
2. A man can live without ________ food for more than a month, but he can live without _____ water for only about a week.
3. He must take in about two and a half litres of _______ water a day. This can be in the form of ______ he drinks, or _____ water in _______ food he eats.
4. There is as much water on ________ Earth today as there ever was - or will ever be. ____ water you took a bath in last night can be ______ rain that fell in Germany a month ago.
5. Factories use ______ water in many ways. It takes about 150 gallons of ____ water to make _______ paper for a Sunday newspaper.
6. _____ man also uses ________ water to make ________ electric power.
7. Electric power stations burn ______ oil or other things to turn ______ water into ______ steam.
8. _____ steam delivers ____ energy that is needed to run ____ the machines that make _____ electricity.
9. We walked along _____ Oxford Street and finally arrived in ____ Carnaby Street.
10. In _____ High Street of every English town there are many shops.
11. He doesn't like _____ school. _______ school he goes to is a private one.
12. First we went to ______ Westminster Abbey and then to _______ Tower.
13. ______ Cape of Good Hope is one of the most feared places by sailors.

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