Use the definite articles only when absolutely necessary:

1. Is it right for ________ rich, aid-giving countries of _______ industrialized world to use their economic power to force ______ poor countries of _______ developing world to introduce ______ social reform?
2. Before you answer 'no' to _______ question, look at ______ example of India or, better, at ______ example of _____ position of women in ______ Indian society.
3. Even _____ country's very best friends cannot deny that _____ sexist discrimination and _____ oppression in India is an international scandal. _____ women of ______ poor are treated like _____ domestic animals.
4. They live a life of ______ drudgery (Plackerei) and _______ toil (Schwerstarbeit) wholly under ____ control of ____ men.
5. ______ f/Freedom, _______ personal independence, _______ self-realization, ____ emancipation are ______ words that are completely foreign to _____ life they lead.
6. In some parts of _____ rural India, ______ wives are still expected to throw themselves on to _____ funeral fire of _____ dead husbands.
7. This appalling practice has recently been banned by _____ federal government, but in ______ country areas it still goes on, and ____ police do little or nothing to punish ____ families of _____ dead husbands, who are in _____ fact breaking the law.

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