Fill in the definite articles where necessary:

1. It is hard to get into ________ University of Oxford.
2. I hope we are not moving towards _______ war.
3. He had an accident and as taken straight to _________ hospital.
4. In _______ opinion of my mother I could have been a genius.
5. He denounced _______ student militancy which had erupted at eight colleges.
6. I got _____ twice ______ quantity for ______ double ____ cost.
7. Where is ______ hospital where you had your treatment?
8. It is every government's duty to raise ______ prosperity of the nation.
9. ______ school life in France is different from that in England.
10. In the last twenty years ______ British opera has flourished amazingly.
11. I have just been sentenced to four years in ______ prison.
12. _____ war broke out on August 4th.
13. He returned from ______ work the following morning.
14. ______ prison stood in the middle of the town.
15. Freezing _______ wages and cutting ______ consumption helps no one.

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