Put in the definite articles where needed:

1. When _____ Queen Elizabeth I came to _____ throne the English crown was very poor. ____ money was a big problem for ____ young Queen, and so her captains were allowed to attack rich Spanish ships.
2. Once ____ English captured a Spanish ship that had all ____ money on board for ____ Spanish soldiers in _____ Netherlands. This happened in ____ Channel.
3. England's greatest sailor, Francis Drake, went all round the world to bring back _____ gold and silver.
4. _____ young Francis Drake had become a sailor under his cousin, _____ Captain Hawkins. Hawkins took _____ blacks from Africa to South America and sold them there.
5. In this way ____ blacks from _____ West African coast became ______ slaves of the white men in the Spanish colonies.
6. In 1577 Drake attacked Spanish ships and towns along the South American coast, taking ____ silver and gold he could get. Then he sailed round Cape Horn, through ____ Pacific Ocean and finally round ____ Cape of Good Hope.
7. After three years he arrived again in _____ Plymouth harbour. _____ gold and silver he brought back was worth £500,000.
8. _____ Queen Elizabeth came on board his ship and made him a knight. He was now Sir Francis Drake, but ____ Spanish King called him ____ master thief of the New World.

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