1. Decide whether the definite article must be used or not:

1. ____________ Africa is also called the dark continent.
2. __________ Africa of today is for the most part in the hands of the English and French. The most important colony is _________ Cape Colony.
3. The famous English seaman Drake rounded _________ Cape Horn; a year before he was at _________ Cape of Good Hope.
4. George Washington was as skilful in ________ war as in_________ peace. Livingstone and Stanley explored ___________ central and southern Africa.
5. The capital of ___________ Irish Free State is Dublin; Belfast is the centre of __________ industrial Ireland.
6. The town of Washington has its name from _________ President Washington. __________ President of the United States during the Great War was Wilson.
7. When I was in Scotland I visited - Lake Lomond and Lake Kathrin.
8. _________ spring begins on the 23rd of March. ________ spring in South Africa, we may say, lasts the whole year.
9. __________ Westminster Abbey is the burial-place of many English kings, statesmen, heroes, and poets. _________ mankind has made great progress in the last century.
10. In South Africa are grown _________ coffee, sugar, and tea. ________ tea of China is well known in the world.
11. Duke William the Conqueror was crowned ________king of England.
12. The war of ________ Independence in America lasted seven years. England acknowledged _________ independence of the United States.
13. ________ tyranny and ________ injustice will never be found in England. __________ tyranny of the English High Church embittered the Puritans.
14. The colonists of America were not represented in ________ English Parliament. ________ Parliament has resolved to finish the war assoon as possible.

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