TESTS: How well do you know your car?

Here are two lists of controls and their functions concerning driving a car.
Match each function to its control by placing the appropriate letter in the column on the right:

(I'm afraid, you'll have to print the page in order to fill in the letters.)
Rules below apply to the British Highway Code!)

A. To control the direction in which you want to travel THE HANDBRAKE  
B. To slow or stop the vehicle THE DRIVING MIRRORS  
C. To increase or decrease the engine's speed THE GEAR LEVER  
D. To give you a clear view behind THE CLUTCH  
E. To hold the vehicle still when it is stationary THE STEERING WHEEL  
F. To enable you to change gear THE FOOT-BRAKE  
G. To enable you to make or break contact between the engine and the wheels THE ACCELERATOR  

A. To enable you to see the road ahead and other road users to see you without causing dazzle THE DIRECTION INDICATORS  
B. To show other road users which way you intend to turn DIPPED BEAM  
C. To use only when visibility is 100 metres/yards or less MAIN BEAM  
D. To enable you to see further, but not to be used when there is oncoming traffic REAR FOG LAMP  
E. To warn other road users of your presence HORN  
F. To warn other road users when you are temporarily obstructing traffic HAZARD LIGHTS  

Source (pp. 14/15) from:

amazon.de Driving Test: Practical
Shakta Khalsa

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