Use gerunds instead:

1. It was hard for him to do his maths homework. (use 'difficulty..')
2. She could write stories very well.(use 'good..')
3. Mary didn't want to read all day long. (use 'not to enjoy..')
4. It did not make sense to stay in England even longer. (to be no use)
5. Marc was happy to hear that he could go with Tessie on a trip to Florida. (use 'to look forward..')
6. After his work he did not want to listen to the radio any more. (use 'tired..')
7. He rather wanted to watch TV. (use 'interested..')
8. He jumped from the bridge. He was fastened to a long rope. (use 'by')
9. She could read very well. Even at an earlier age she was able to write. (use 'before')
10. First he wanted to become a businessman. But then he decided to be a truck driver. (use 'instead..')

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