Rewrite sentences by using the gerund in connection with the phrases in brackets:

1. In primary school he could not read well. (not good..)
2. Their teacher always plays on his computer. (interested..)
3. Sophie is very happy that she can go on holiday to Scotland. (to look forward..)
4. They didn't need to copy that long book report. (can/to avoid)
5. It didn't make any sense for them to keep the rented car any longer. (it is no use..)
6. Mother didn't have anything against it that James opened all the windows. (not to mind..)
7. They don't like (we/to be) so loud when we play outside.
8. My parents are looking forward to (I/to pass) my English exam next summer.
9. They were worried that I would fail the exam (for fear..); that's why they encouraged me. (
10. She didn't want to go on holiday with her parents. She decided to go with her friends from the basketball team. (instead..)

Gerund or infinitive???
1. She likes __________________ to sleep) in tents.
2. Would you like _____________ (to sleep) in a youth hostel?
3. She doesn't want ____________________________ (he/to go) to the USA.
4. Neil was not the first astronaut ____________________ (to land) on the moon.
5. Sarah wanted to open the window. Jim said, 'Try _________________ (to open) it by pushing it up.'
6. We have now been walking for three hours. This means _______________ (to walk) for another two hours.
7. Our teacher meant _______________ (to help) us with our maths homework.

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