Gerund or infinitive? (Substitute phrases in italics by those in brackets)

1. Tourists have nothing against it to walk along 8th Avenue in NY at night. (not to mind)
2. Would you like (to watch/watching) ____________________ the latest film starring H. Ford?
3. He is happy that he can travel to Scotland. (to look forward..)
4. He was afraid that he would be mugged in the streets of NYC. (to be in fear..)
5. Jonathan could enjoy a good education. (to have the chance..)
6. He could learn the English language. (to be good..)
7. Father wanted to offer Jonathan the best chances in the USA.
8. They had not been on top of the Empire States Building. They returned home. (connect by using 'without' + gerund)
9. When the sun stopped (to shine/shining) ______________ , we stopped (to go/going) ______________ into the hotel.
10. The policemen have tried (to open/opening) _________________ the car by many tricks, but none of the people around tried (to get/getting) ______________ some help.

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