Go on with the beginning of the following dialogue and use gerunds after the phrases in brackets:

Ex.: Kevin, 'Mr. Sanders, can you drive the boys and girls of my class to Brighton on Wednesday?'
Mr. Sanders, 'I'm sorry, I can't On Wednesday (to be busy - to drive a group of Germans students to Dover).
'I'm sorry, I can't. On Wednesday I'll be busy driving a group of German students to Dover.'

1. Tuesday: (to be busy - to drive a group of American students through London)
2. Thursday: (to continue - to show London to the American group)
3. Friday: (to be busy - to drive a group of children through the New Forest)
4. Saturday: (some men - to be busy - to clean the coach)
5. Sunday: (it is no good - to be on the roads on Sundays - too much traffic)
6. Monday: (not to mind - to drive you to Brighton)
7. Kevin: Thank you very much, Mr. Sanders. We'll enjoy (to go) with you to Brighton.
8. Mr. Sanders: I hope that everything will be all right and that the coach will not need (to mend) on the way to Brighton.

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